Cross Roads

Cross Roads, 2016

Plastic Bricks & Glue

3.6 x 9.6 x 4.8 cm

Part of the Enter the Brick series.

Octo Pus

Deep Sea diving

Part of the Enter the Brick series.

Grid Lock – printing on paper

Doing another experimental excursion.

This time using a metabrick as a print block for a specific raster structure.


print on paper, 42 x 29,6 cm, 2016


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Black & White & Red

EtB_Black & White & Red_62




Part of the Enter the Brick series.

Midas Touch

Boon and bane at the same time.

Part of the Enter the Brick series.

Upside Down

A minimalist approach to the subject.

Part of the Enter the Brick series.


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Enter the Brick – Experimental Excursions

Although there is a bunch of new Enter the Brick creations in the pipeline, I find myself dabbling in experimental fields outside the plastic.

When rebooting the Enter the Brick Series in the beginning of 2016 (when I was finally able to make some decent photos technically) I showcased a digital edit of a brick.

Virtual Fragment

What attracts me about this possibility is the create something impossible IRL. This extends the possibilities exponentially.


Recently I also made a few paper sculptures (more at the below gallery).

EtB_Cutting Edge [edit-1]


And now in the heat of the summer I made this brick out of ice by making a DIY mold based upon the upscaled brick.

Cool Down


There are a few ideas in my mind which spin off from these directions but for now this is it until I feel like coming back.


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