Enter the Brick – Experimental Excursions

Although there is a bunch of new Enter the Brick creations in the pipeline, I find myself dabbling in experimental fields outside the plastic.

When rebooting the Enter the Brick Series in the beginning of 2016 (when I was finally able to make some decent photos technically) I showcased a digital edit of a brick.

Virtual Fragment

What attracts me about this possibility is the create something impossible IRL. This extends the possibilities exponentially.


Recently I also made a few paper sculptures (more at the below gallery).

EtB_Cutting Edge [edit-1]


And now in the heat of the summer I made this brick out of ice by making a DIY mold based upon the upscaled brick.

Cool Down


There are a few ideas in my mind which spin off from these directions but for now this is it until I feel like coming back.


– Gallery –

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Punk Funk [disco edit]

One of the larger projects I am currently working on is reshooting the Enter the Brick series.

This includes better shots and new perspectives alongside staged and edited photographies.

For starters here is the Punk Funk disco edit:

Punk Funk

Notes on the image processing

The backdrop was glossy black cardboard. The lighting was a mix of tabletop lamps and a colour change mood lamp with glass-fibre optics.  For this image I made two photos, one with and one without the fibre-optics. While shooting the one with the glass-fibre optics I played with the focus of the camera lense, creating a blurry effect falling into the center. Then after some post processing the two pictures were merged into the above shown final image.