Think Tank Building Instructions now available!

After days of labour (much more than I thought) my newest project is finished.

I have been working on high quality building instructions of my interpretation of the famous 6-legged Think Tank robot from Ghost in the Shell‘s climatic showdown. Now available for sale for anyone who wants to build their own version.

[Link to the building instructions.]

  • Changes to the prior version have been made in order to replace all custom parts by ‘normal’ parts.
  • The instructions also contain alternative versions of parts where rare parts have been used.

Making instructions is quite some work if done manually. Considering the building steps like preparing all the images, editing them, creating and editing the parts list, concept and layout of the design and much more is a big project. Despite the labour, it was a great experience and helped me develop skills for other projects to come.

FYI: Any reward from this project will directly flow into the next projects.



– Gallery 2017 edit –

Featured at TBB: Ghost in the Shell’s intimidating Fuchikoma

Sidenote: The best minicsale Alakuneda up-to-date is the Version by Sasapon IMO

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